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Zenna is what all London bars should be about! No bother on the door, ability to reserve an area for no cost and no minimum spend, friendly staff, great setting, great cocktails and brilliant music. It really is the place to go if you want a night out that will not disappoint you. With the drinks, don’t just stay in your comfort zone – make the most of live dealer 21 changing your cocktail each time you go to the bar to ensure you can try out their fun and innovative combinations. If you get their early, dive into some food platters – both vegetarian and meat options were yummy! Ensure you have your dancing shoes on, as the music will top off your night! There is no chance you will go home early despite what you originally were planning! Thank you Zenna for a great birthday location. Monica Balgovind

  • Who recommended you to Zenna Bar?  Read about it in the Daily Candy.
  • Who would you recommend to visit Zenna? All my friends.
  • Any other comments about the bar? We were extremely happy with the service.  Was a very memorable night.  Thank you Dan for arranging everything that we wanted.  We were very happy with the special designed cocktails and the service we received throughout the night.  Also the complementary champagne was very nice as well.  Hope to back again soon.

Asha Ladwa


  1. Who recommended you to Zenna Bar? My friend – Tamara Hirsch.
  2. Who would you recommend to visit Zenna? People looking for pre-club cocktails
  3. Any other comments about the bar? Very nice venue. Friendly staff. Would be even better if more seats (chairs) alongside the tables

Pauline Blake


  1. Who recommended you to Zenna Bar?  Work colleague, Kay.
  2. Who would you recommend to visit Zenna?  I would recommend Zenna for group gatherings  e.g. those held when we do university/old work reunions as I think it is better suited for group get-togethers rather than 2/3 people catching up as if you get a large group in (like us) it is probably not a nice experience.
  3. Any other comments about the bar?  On arrival the original reserved area was the first alcove, which in no way would have been suitable for 22-25 people – I like to sit when I drink; but this was quickly resolved. Service of the bar team was excellent – very attentive; and good memories. Attentive in a manner that encourages you to spend more money as they know what you like and they offer to make up something for you which is different! The second alcove area should be better lit – it was too dark for me; as this made it very hard to read the drinks menu without someone using a light app on their phone. Other than that I had a good time – shame I did not visit on a DJ day as I do like to have a dance – but as I was with work crew who are a mix of ages, no DJ on a quiet mid-week day was probably for the best! About 40% of the attendees were from the USA and as they can be picky about places the London team take them to, the fact it was a thumbs up from them is a great compliment. Food was commented by all to be excellent as well – and we had vegetarians in the Group too. It has made me want to visit the restaurant with a small group of friends next time. It was appreciated that Dan left with us at the end of the night – probably to ensure that the noisy ramble got on its merry way without causing too much trouble 🙂


Hasit Patel

  1. Who recommended you to Zenna Bar? Found it online through google
  2. Who would you recommend to visit Zenna? Yes
  3. Any other comments about the bar? I booked the alcove but in the night my booking was swaped with a larger party.  It would have been nice to have been informed earlier I guess, however the service on the night was really good, and the alternative area I was given was fine.


Julie Graham

  • Who recommended you to Zenna Bar? I read about it in the ‘Business Life’ magazine on a flight with BA
  • Who would you recommend to visit Zenna? Age 24-35, Urban Professionals with an appreciation for good food, great drinks and a very stylish atmosphere
  • Any other comments about the bar? Drinks were fantastic; loved the use of fresh fruits and juices. Great work on the January specials – you ‘got it right’ in focusing on zero calorie / low fat drinks – perhaps something to feature every month. Great cocktails/drinks gaining in popularity would be vodka with coconut water – low calorie, clean & tasty 🙂 And of course, the and and service food were absolutely amazing.


Steve Hardisty

  • No recommendation. The bar was on my list of venues to visit as part of my search for the best cocktails in town.
  • I would recommend the venue to anyone seeking an interesting and diverse menu.
  • Marks out of ten: 8. Bar staff were attentive and polite. Ambience was chic and relaxed. Cocktails were excellent. Well prepared and delicious.


Jayneel Ramjee

  • Who recommended you to Zenna Bar? Google Search.
  • Who would you recommend to visit Zenna? All my friends. Old and young, sophisticated and casual.
  • Any other comments about the bar? Loved the free drinks promotion and the music & ambience were both excellent. I look forward to visiting again very soon.


Mark Wynter

  • Who recommended you to Zenna Bar?  A colleague.
  • Who would you recommend to visit Zenna? Clients, Friends and Colleagues
  • Any other comments about the bar? The bar staff are what makes this bar. Attentive, friendly and able to make some of the best cocktails in town

Maya Manassa

  • I just came across it when I was searching for bars online. It wasn’t even on the list for top bars in London but I saw the name when I was just google-ing randomly. I read the reviews online and so many people have said amazing things about it!
  • I would recommend it to all my friends who enjoy a sophisticated night out without the craziness.
  • It was my first time at Zenna bar and I would like to say it is the best one I have been to here in London. Its classy, clean, sophisticated, lively but not crazy, and of course unique with it’s Indian drinks. The service and music was top! Keep it up! We will be back again! :)Thank you for making my Birthday party so special last night! 🙂


Giselle Broomes

I found Zenna on the internet when I was doing a search for venues for drinks and dancing.

I would recommend Zenna to anyone I know that wants to go out on a Friday evening and have a great time.

We thought that the drinks were lovely (wine was a bit pricey though) and it was really nice to have the happy hour – thanks for agreeing to that. The canapés were pricey but gorgeous – a couple of us ordered the Zenna platter and absolutely loved it. I’m still dreaming about those giant prawns which were deliciously succulent!


  • The waitress who served us was really lovely
  • Tashkia, you are a credit to Zenna;  friendly, helpful and professional.
  • The DJs – the music was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!! Those guys are super talented..
  • Dan, your generousity was astounding and because of this I will definitely arrange another evening at Zenna

There were about 65-70 of us in the end. About 20 didn’t turn up because of the weather and most of them have messaged me to say how much they regretted it because they heard it was such a good night. Reputation intact – haha!

Thanks team, you guys are fabulous! Gi x


Monaf, Momotaj

Firstly, I would like to thank you for a fab evening last night. My party and I enjoyed our evening and thought the service we got from your staff was second to none. There was a bit of a problem within the group and we apologise for any inconvenience caused, however we all thought that the staff dealt with the situation extremely well and we appreciate this very much as it helped defuse the problem.

Please find below the answers to the questions

  1. No-one recommended Zenna bar to me, I just stumbled across it on google when I searched for west end bars.
  2. I would strongly recommend all of my friends to visit Zenna Bar
  3. We all thought the DJ was fantastic, really kept the crowd going and played all of our requests. The bar manager looked after our party and allowed us to move to the alcove by the DJ stand without any fuss. We all loved the intimacy of the bar and will definitely be visiting again.Oh another thing, it would have been great if the bar was open till 2am as we still had more partying in us!

Thank you again, my friend and I had a fantastic birthday!

See you soon



Dom Elliott

  1. Who recommended you to Zenna Bar?

I saw a good review on Google Maps

  1. Who would you recommend to visit Zenna?

Yes… the staff were very friendly and the cocktails were original and tasty (the spicy lychee was awesome) but the music is a tad cheesy/mainstream for my liking. As long as you are into that then it’s all good!

  1. Any other comments about the bar?

Thanks very much for a great evening!

Joe Surtees

  1. No-one recommended Zenna to me I was look for cocktails bars in London and stumbled across the website.
  2. I would recommend Zenna, to all my friends and family, I thought the service and quality of drinks was fantastic.
  3. The barman that served myself and my girlfriend was a youngish guy with ponytail – he was really helpful and a provided quality service.

Chantal Collision

  1. Who recommended you to Zenna Bar? – Internet search for central London bars
  2. Who would you recommend to visit Zenna? – Friends or anyone looking for a suggestion for a great venue for hosting a party
  3. Any other comments about the bar? – Great music, friendly bar staff.  I had a great night.


Carol Godwin

Although we came quite early in the evening and never made it back down to the bar, I thought the bar tenders were great.  They were knowledgeable and helped us decide on our cocktails and ordered some nibbles for us within minutes.  I did feel at times we had to wait a while to get served, and that was at 7.30, so who’d of thought what it had of been like if packed, which I’m sure you are at a weekend.


Clive Woodhouse

I had been approached by a client who was looking for a West End venue that would offer a single location for a pre-dinner wine tasting, dinner and post-dinner drinks.  I walked around the area looking for suitable venues and Red Fort/Zenna caught my attention due to its style and menu.  I gave the client 5 options and he chose yours.

I was very happy with the service provided by Dan (before the event) and Mattie (on the night), both of whom helped the event to run smoothly.

I will recommend Red Fort/Zenna if I have similar requests from clients in the future.

Rhiannon Moore

We would like thank the Zenna team for an amazing night on Saturday. Everyone who came had a fantastic time and really enjoyed themselves. A particular highlight for us was the ‘Rhio’ cocktail – it was the star of the night and we couldn’t get enough of it! To answer your questions:

  1. Who recommended you to Zenna Bar? We found it on Google after searching for ‘best bars in Soho’. All the reviews we read highly recommended it.
  2. Who would you recommend to visit Zenna? Anyone and everyone. I’ve even suggested it as a future venue for our company events.
  3. Any other comments about the bar? The music was spot on and the staff deserve much praise. From booking the venue to the end of the night, the staff were lovely and hugely accommodating. Massive thanks all round! We would not hesitate to hold an event here again.

We look forward to visiting Zenna in the future.



Kwame Augustine


Stylish, chic, trendy venue for a few chilled out drinks or late night party

Marina Doku


Dan has been brilliant 🙂

Joff Williams


Loved the Tequila session! Great bar and cocktails 🙂

Reena Patel


Very warm, friendlly atmosphere – Mattie = Fab

Ray Franklin


We had a fab time for my bday. Loved Mattie!

Lee Lewis


Lush interiors, and the cocktails were amazing!

Georgina Hansford


I love it, great bar!

Linda McNally


Fantastic evening, in a great secluded atmosphere… All my friends will definitely know about Zenna by the end of the week!!!

Zillah Curtis


In one line: Zenna has the most exciting cocktail menu in London today.

In full…? Zenna is a great little bar under the heart of Soho, and although quite difficult to spot the first time you go looking for it, is a real treat when inside. You go down these steps under an Indian Restaurant, and at the bottom of the stairs there’s this amazing floating candle and flower decoration. Turn round the corner into the bar and you’re met with the best that Soho has to offer, the people are a really trendy mixture of celebs and local media types all sipping cocktails, not a beer or glass of wine in sight. We were greeted with a smile from the staff and when they gave us a menu, they recommended that we try their ‘house nectar’ cocktail which is a secret recipe! Feeling adventurous we thought we’d give it a go… OH MY GOD!!! This was the tastiest cocktail I think I’ve ever had, it was like solero exotic in a drink.?The other cocktails on the menu were a very clever mixture of classic cocktails with an indian spice twist like cardamon and coriander.?We went on a Thursday when Zenna has a DJ. That night that we went he was on fire! His music choice was simply perfect and had the whole place tapping their toes if they weren’t already up on the dancefloor. ?The worst thing about Zenna is that it’s only open until 1am. ?The barstaff are really attentive and really quite attractive, which makes a nice change from other bars in the area. ?All in all, a great place. I’ve already booked an alcove for my 30th!

Jenni on Qype


It was the claim that Zenna served the hottest cocktail in the world that drew me here but I ended up chickening out on this occasion and opting for a lesser spicy drink, The Bee Sting (which was still fairly hot).

I like this place, because the staff here understand how to make good cocktails. I sat and watched the staff attentively create their masterpieces for their customers and they sure knew what they were doing. In the week before St Patrick’s Day Zenna served a trio of Irish themed cocktails which looked lovely. My wife tried the Shamrock Apple Martini which went down very quickly and easily!

The spicy drinks are off-set by the lassi bar which offers a nice selection of sweet and salty lassis with and without alcohol.

The bar is below the celebrated Red Fort Indian restaurant, so the lassi connection is not lost in this venue, and neither are the Indian bar snacks which were delicious.

Raxlakhani on Qype


We went here for the launch party and they had a selection of the cocktails on offer for us to sample, including the second hottest, which my partner tried. This ‘Red Fort’ cocktail was almost more savory (which is fine by me as a lot of so-called cocktails can be too teeth-suckingly sweet) with a powerful kick. My Garden Martini was lovely and fresh.

Now at this point the owner came over to say hello. He told us about his plans for a Lassi bar in the summer and how the hottest cocktail in the world comes with its own foaming (and alcoholic) ‘fire extinguisher’ side cocktail. Sadly we didn’t get the sample it – but it sounds crazy.

As it’s underneath a very good Indian Restaurant it benefits from using its kitchen for bar snacks. These were incredible, definitely try the lamb, and made me want to go to the restaurant upstairs.

Perfect for now, but maybe a little warm in the summer but I’d recommend that you go and try the hot cocktail.

Alexandra on Qype



I went down to Zenna with some girlfriends last night and I just cant tell enough people about it.

Zenna must be the best bar in London, I think it’s only just opened, which is great because not that many people know about it, it was just fantastic. We saw a couple of celebs sat having some cocktails in one of the alcove, the music was amazing, and I mean amazing, the DJ was on fire.

But the really great thing about Zenna are the cocktails, they were delicious.

J Lawrence on View London


Fast becoming my regular bar of choice! Although it was difficult to find at first, being located beneath the Red Fort restaurant, I am definitely glad I persisted and managed to find this amazing bar.

The first time I came here was with my partner. We were spoilt for choice as to what to order from the inspiring cocktail menu, so we asked for assistance from the friendly and helpful bar staff. After identifying what flavours we both liked, he was able to pick out a cocktail each for us both to which we both thoroughly enjoyed! I ordered several more that night and each were attentively and magnificently made as the last.

I would definitely recommend Zenna for a brilliant cocktail.

Negroni8 on View London


Went there last week for some after work drinks as we heard it had recently opened and everyone really enjoyed themselves.

I tried the the ‘Illiana’ which is a very spicy cocktail for which I was required to sign a waiver for, it was really delicious and the cocktail ‘Fire Extinguisher’ it came with was very delicious and refreshing.

My friend said that it was one of the best Bloody Mary’s he had ever had and wouldn’t stop going on about it.

We all really enjoyed the atmosphere in Zenna as there was a great buzz about the bar and the bar staff were both friendly and accomodating so all in all a really worthwhile trip.

EnglishGent on View London


I dont often right reviews but in this scenario I feel I have to. Last week I visited Zenna Bar and I must admit Zenna Bar is one of the best cocktail bars in London, without a doubt! The staff are so welcoming and friendly, the cocktails are amazing, especially the House nectar and Augustine cocktails. I will definitely be coming here again.

Asante on View London


Zenna has a great atmosphere this is mainly due to the great bar staff and setting. I am quite picky when it comes to Cocktails…however these were delicious! I especially recommend the house nectar, which is sweet and creamy! My boyfriend loves spicy cocktails which is one of the main reasons we thought we’d try out this bar (it has some of the worlds spiciest Cocktails!!) I didn’t try those but he seemed to order quite a few from the menue and wants to go back next week!

ElizaNorman on View London


I went down to check this place out last night and I must say it was great! I couldn’t imagine a spicy cocktail would work (Bloody Marys aside) but decided I had to try their worlds spiciest cocktail and WOW what a great drink. Smooth and punchy and your getting two drinks for your money with the Gin based ‘fire extinguisher’ that comes with it (a necessary addition!). I have eaten in the Red Fort before and know just how good the food is there so it was no surprise that the bar snacks were lovely. The staff were great and I would definitely recommend going!

LambertPatrick on View London


How I got to be in Zenna last Thursday night was something of an accident – I was at the wrong party at the wrong time! Anyhow, the host, a certain Mr Emmanuel Ray asked me to stay to enjoy ambience, cocktails, Indian style canapés, Amy Heasman singing live and even a back, neck and head massage.

I’d say that the staff was very professional and it was nice to see Dan Thomson on the shop floor mingling with guests. I enjoyed both the canapés, which were flavoursome, but not too spicy, and the cocktails. I recommend the Revitaliser Caipirinha, which consists of organic cachaça goji berries, aloe vera juice, lime and açai berries.

The bar itself is located in the basement and is intimate, chic and relaxing. Zenna is a fun place to go with friends, a date or to have an organised event.

Gym R on Yelp


Walking down the hustle and bustle of Dean Street, you’d be forgiven for not even spotting Zenna. But behind this unassuming door, you’ll find a world of bizzarre cocktails and great tunes…

Zenna is a bit of a strange mix – Indian inspired cocktails and 90’s pop music, but I love both so I was onto a winner the moment I stepped down the stairs.

My tipple of choice – the coriander and lychee dacquiri. Just what I craved on a balmy London evening. After a lethal glass or two, I’d forgotten that I actually wasn’t all that keen on coriander! Luckily for me, it was just a hint, rather than a herb garden.

With cute alcoves and hide aways to drink and be merry in, it’s a great place to gossip or to take a date you don’t want to stand more than 2 inches away from.

Fun, cool, intimate and trendy. If you find yourself in soho looking for a cocktail with a twist, Zenna’s the place to go…?

Jenni D on Yelp


very unassuming from the outside…casual dining upstairs and a bar/lounge downstairs with a full bar.  the drink menu is classic (but enticing) cocktails with an indian twist.  i had the lychee and coriander daquiri.  dangerously yummy – not as sweet as the smell and just a hint of coriander in the nose.

we also tried the starter platter (can’t remember if that was the actual name) which was solid chunks of salmon, chicken, prawns and veggies – 2 of each.  the starter, water and 4 pieces of bread (not big like naan) totaled £45.  it’s a bit much for my average evening dining but it’s a good contemporary take of indian flavors.?

Amy A on Yelp

Gimmicks not needed….the cocktails stand on their own…I’ve found the cocktail diamond inn?Chi tea martini just Deeeevine, I originally wanted to try this place because they boost the hottest cocktail and you even have to sign a waver, whilst I didn’t try this it’s now on my hit list to go again and again….one of my victims, sorry I mean friends may try it?… this is sooooo now my cocktail master?

Katie W on Yelp


Heard about this place through a friend of a friend as it’s just up the road from the office. ?Walking down the stairs with the floating candles you start to feel relaxed already. This is a great bar for an early evening chat with friends and then, when we had still not left by 10 because the cocktail menu was too good to miss and the Bar staff were so good at helping me choose then next one, telling me about the history etc., it turns into a great place to come for a party. Can’t rate this bar highly enough, go and check it out! ?Great staff, really impressive menu and as Ben J said above no bouncer or entry or pretentious door rubbish just a really great night.?

Patrick on Yelp


When I finally found Zenna, hidden under an indian restaurant on Dean Street I was pleasantly surprised. There was no entry charge, no cost for the cloak room, and no pretentious bouncer at the door.?We walked straight in, the atmosphere was fantastic, the interior design was very luxurious and I love the alcoves!?The music was an amazing mix of contemporary songs with a few hits from the 90s and other classics. It really got the crowd going!?But the real winner for Zenna has to be its incredible cocktail list. I mean it has to be the best cocktail menu in london. Its so clever, the mixologist has used saffron, sage, cardamon, chilli, and coriander flavours in various drinks to create something truly unique. I didnt quite fancy the world’s spiciest cocktail tho!

Ben J on Yelp


Zenna was a pretty cool venue – my friend and I tried the “World’s Spiciest Cocktail” and agreed it was probably true to its name, although we didn’t finish it.  Give it a shot next time you’re there if you’re open to ridiculous ideas, just make sure you sign the waiver and use the “fire extinguisher”!?

Mark S on Yelp

Elite events are always good, nay, great. Thus a good time is always the expectation. This expectation was still bested, somehow, on Wednesday, as this party was as good as they come.

Fancy dress should be required for every party. Great venue, good deejay, tasty snacks, fine company- all the ingredients were there.

The only downside is that the drinks were a little too good and a little too free. Not actually bad things, but, well… anyways, I was quite a fan of the gentleman’s tipple.

Can’t wait for the next one…?

Eamon B on Yelp


The end of this night ended with me head-banging to Bohemian Rhapsody….I want to say Thank You to all the elements of the night that allowed me to do that.

Delicious quality cocktails

Wonderful fellow yelpers who equally like to shake their groove thang

A DJ who was ON IT with the tunes

A great venue with space to boogie

And a great crew behind the scenes making sure everything was just perfect for us.?

Ashley V on Yelp

The bar certainly has a hip vibe with side rooms which can be rented out. This is definitely my type of bar that i would frequent so I’m glad yelp has discovered it for me!

The food:?The nibbles were amazing! I hadn’t eaten all day so I was chasing the servers down like like an animal! The chicken bits were gorgeous! In fact, i could use a handful of those for breakfast right now to soak up some of the booze from last night!

The dancing:?Nothing like giving a few crazy Yelpers dancing their booze off after many very strong gentlemen drinks

The drinks:?The gentlemen drinks were strong, so i had many! ha ha. I also had a unusual margarita when the free drinks were over. Can’t remember the name of it, but it was sweet with salt! YUM!

The balloon:?O yea, I tied a yelp balloon to my coat and took a ride home. On the tube, the tube winds made my yelp ballon hit the person next to me in the face several times. I thought it was funny as hell!?

Jennifer S on Yelp


Oh what a Night!…. and for a Wednesday as well!

Well the drinks… the strong one was strong bwoy! I had to put that one down. I love the cocktail with the coriander in it, what a sweet, refreshing drink. They served another drink, at the end which was peachy and that was lovely.

The chicken, bits were the best..just great!

Dan Thomson, cared to show us how a cocktail was made and how they specialise in putting Indian spices in their drinks, to honest I was not listining I was distracted by ones beauty.

Arrh man! that DJ was sooooo on point!, their I was dancing in my purple ballerina skirt with a straw like hat, courtesy of Bazaar, who where were lovely by the way. And you had this DJ playing Garage (as I requested) pop,dance and a few 90’s jams. I was dancing like, crazy! The music made the night for me.

Omoraka O on Yelp


There was so much going on Last night!

We had costumes! A DJ and decent dance space. Corners to hide or  to take a break.

Interesting drinks…  Alcoholic Mango Lassis!  Brilliant!  Lychee Daiquiri and this Strong Gentleman’s drink.  Woo Have mercy.  I had to blend mine together to weaken it a bit for me.  But they were uniquely enjoyable on their own. =)

I walked in with a black dress and our costumer had me put on this hot pink tassled number. Not really my taste but why not?  I was channeling Tina Turner!  Later on that night I ran into Madonna’s pointy bra and bumped into an amazing Britney Spears look a like and a few that were out there!  Great job with the costumes!  So much fun!

Kevin L.  Thanks for playing bouncer and watching the door a night.  What a good sport!

Lizzie, thanks for putting it all together!

Dan T. thank you for being a gracious host.  The mixology lesson was enjoyable!  Poor guy, You worked so hard last night!? SYOY!?

Gina K on Yelp


What a fabulous night, i’d even go to say one of the best events to date!

wonderful atmosphere, loved the dressing up theme!  I felt so axel in my leather waistcoat and a little bit gaga with the bow in me hair…oh so chic!

amazing cocktails that were well yum.  Tasty treats to dine on too, although sadly i didn’t get many as daffy, sorry mark?! got there first too many times!!

and the DJ…? well what can i say he’s so doing my 30th – banging tunes LOVED the garage section 😉


Huddy H on Yelp


I did a thing with Coriander Lychee Daiquiris at Zenna’s last night. Yes, I made love with Coriander Lychee Daiquiris for two hours (and abit) after sipping on 3 glasses he gave me a massive sugar rush. Halfway through the night I ended up cheating on him with Music..yes once the music started playing that was it for me…non-stop dancing from start to finish!

The venue was perfect for holding such a great event…fantastic atmosphere, lush decor, delicious cocktails, rich nibbles and great yelpers.

Bravo guys, thanks for hosting a great event!?

Chelle R on Yelp

Coriander is my favorite spice and cocktails are my favorite beverage, together they rock my world. I downed the Coriander Lychee Daiquiris (weren’t they more like martinis? Anyhow…) like they were juice. Even my ‘I hate the taste of alcohol’ husband enjoyed a couple.

The nibbles were pretty memorable as well. Definitely dreaming about those chicken and potatoes bites. So damn spicy. So damn perfect, I say.

Melizza R on Yelp


Fantastic night was had here. I was so luck to get an invite and boy am I glad I did…

I am a big fan of deep and secret looking cocktail bars and this place delivers in great style. There are the lovely little alcoves, which I believe can be booked for private events, so that’s something that would drag me back here again.

We had two cocktail samples on the go here – a DELICIOUS Lychee and Coriander (I think coriander maybe my favourite herb of all time) and the Gentlemen’s Tipple (which was considerably more than a tipple). There were other fantastic looking creations being made during the evening as well.?The DJ did pick some classic dance tunes though and I ended up dancing away to it on the floor.

All in all I will be going there again. Definitely a lovely spot for the girls night out, with the gorgeous manager Dan to mix and chat too. ;)?

Irene O on Yelp


Hit me with your DJ fingers of steal, the DJ was on fire.?To start with the dressing up rail under the archway was great, we got involved until the gold Lamé shirt became just that little too hot.

The bar looked well stocked and the drinks we tried were not for the faint hearted.  The lady lychee/coriander cocktail was fresh and sweet but the gentleman’s was so super strong my hand did something it’s not done for a long time, I lowered thee and left it on the bar…………

The nibbles we tried were super tasty and I would love to come back sometime for dinner wot wot.

But to top it off, the tunes which were booming out made mine and the girls night.  Thank you and we’re booking you for our mates 30th

Thankyouplease X?

Molly P on Yelp


Hot!  drinks were flowing and crowd was a party group looking fresh in their threads provided by bazaar bazaar. fantastic mid-week event!

Amy A on Yel