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Party Numbers & Confirmation:

A minimum guaranteed number of guests is required to reserve an area.

Any changes must be notified in writing at least 48 hours before the event for smaller groups of up to 15 – 30 guests and two weeks prior to the event for larger parties up to 40 – 70 guests.

Areas will be reserved as per the guaranteed party size online casino go. Priority will be given on “first come first serve” basis.

Credit or debit card details must be provided for all group bookings to secure the reservation, which will be regarded as an acceptance of these terms and conditions.


No deposit for any group booking up to 35 guests. Any deposit or minimum spend is fully allocated to food and drinks tab for the party.

There is no venue hire, door charge or any hidden cost for party of any size.

No-Shows & Cancellations:

A charge of £10 per person applies for any number of no-shows for a group booking.

Bookings of up to 30 guests may cancel up to one week before the scheduled reservation and larger bookings up to 50 may cancel up to two weeks prior to the event.

Failure to observe this will incur a cancellation charge of £10 per person.

Where the reservation is made within 48 hours before the scheduled event, a 24-hour cancellation policy applies, of which failure to observe will also incur a charge of £10 per person.

Management reserves the right to cancel any provisional booking on hold which are not confirmed with card details.

Account facilities:

We are unable to offer account facilities. The final bill should be settled at the end of the event.

Food menus:

Any dietary requirements can be accommodated subject to prior arrangement. We must be notified of your menu choice at least 2 working days prior to your party.